Poetry is like honesty; no one likes it. But maybe it is what we need the most.
— The Drunk Poets Society

It started as...

A paper journal, passed around in bars, pubs, and nightclubs. Drunkards alike would spew their inebriated stream of deranged, and cryptic truths on its pages; a note pad for raw and delusional poetry.

Too often, brilliant pieces of literature are lost in the bowels of time.  At the Drunk Poets' Society, we aspire to create an open-minded, undemanding platform, that exhibits, preserves, and appreciates an active, artistic community. 

Some of the best ideas comes from the most unexpected places; we hope creatives can comfortably present their unique work to a friendly audience, and feel welcome in this collective. Share, create, and get drunk. Jah bless!

Inspired by the famous drunk and poet, Charles Bukowski,