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Poetry is an art form that transcends the paper it is written upon. This is why we have decided to launch a poetry page specially dedicated to poetic videos. Hoping while doing so, that poetry again wins the heart of many more people. 


L'ombre de Londres - The shadow of london

The French language has been a pillar of poetry since the middle ages. It has continued to show its appreciation to the poetic arts for long since then. Giving birth to legendary writer such as Arthur Rimbaud and Chalres Baudelaire. To speak the language of these titans is a privilege. And so to honour them, we present a short poetic collaboration with a narration in French.

The content of the poem was improvised on the spot by our narrator when the brilliant footage of Troy Patrick was presented to him. The images gorgeously show the light and shadow contrast of the city of London. The music used is from none other than the Italian musician Giuseppe Tartini. His composition called "The Devil's Trill" perfectly embodies the presence of light fighting darkness. This mixed with a French narration, makes us feel as if we too discover the mystical city of London. 

A huge thanks to the Director of this short film Troy Patrick, for contributing our first poetic video to the website.