Eavesdropped - By Vicente O'Neil

Call recordings permitted by U.S. Domestic Surveillance Act 1985.
Call recordings provided by Tele-fonix Incorporated per compliance with U.S. Domestic Surveillance Act 1985.
Calls gathered by Tele-fonix Incorporated employees REDACTED, REDACTED and REDACTED.
Calls vetted by Federal Bureau Intelligence agents: REDACTED and REDACTED.
Calls collected from October 1995.
Following call transcripts are to be presented as evidence ‘Exhibit REDACTED’.
Exhibit REDACTED to be used in case: The People vs. REDACTED (REDACTED).
Commence Transcript:

Monday 9th of October
Salem, Massachusetts
Call between 503-555-0180 to 626-555-2001
Connected at 6:39pm
“Heya, how’s it going Megan, how was the mall?... Oh my godd, I wish I could spend more time with you, Tommy and the guys, I’m just so fucking, ugh!, busy with school… It’s so lame, I’m getting personally tutored by Mr. Harvey… Haha, yeah he is, but he’s such a fuckin’ bore! Yeah, it’s pretty lame. How’d detention go at lunch?... What, who said that? No! It was that fucking mascara smear Lilith who started it anyways! She’s shadowing me and Tommy at lunch when she starts screaming about how I’m a ‘lure’ for ‘dark entities’, or some gothic shit like that!... Fine she didn’t exactly scream it, but if you heard about it then you know the bitch made a real scene… I don’t care if she’s all dark and depressed, I mean we all go through rough patches, but it never stops people like us from getting top marks! She’s sick! Or at least deserves to be… Yeah, anyways I’m freezing in here, gotta’ go close my window… Byeee!”


Tuesday 10th of October
Call between 503-555-0180 to 626-555-2001
Connected at 10:37pm
“Hey girl… I just needed someone to talk to… Yeah, I’m fine… Yeah, like, I can’t believe it, who the fuck has fits?... Yeah, yeah, I’m hanging in there… It’s just so disrespectful that she’d corner me and then have a seizure! I just froze until the paramedics took her away! Urgh, I couldn’t, like, physically move... Lilith was looking ill all day- Wait, she said what!? I wasn’t there, was getting tutored at lunch, I hate it! I miss all the juicy stuff… Oh myy godd… Said that I ‘sent it for her’? The fuck does that mean! God, at least she’s somewhere she can’t hurt anyone… Yeah, you’re right, let’s talk about something else, this whole thing is just soo creepy… Things are going okay with Tommy, we’re taking things slow… You perv! No of course not haha, he’s just a bit… boy-ish, yeah, and I kinda want a man… Yeah, we’re going to Curt’s lake-house party tomorrow… Mh-hmm, he’s got a car and everything! Tommy’s giving me, Amber, and umm- Oh yeah, you want a ride tomorrow? Sure, it’s no worries girl, we’ll all head to Curt’s!... Oh! You bitch haha, no way! Haha, I can’t do it with Tommy... Like I said, he’s still just a kid. Maybe for Prom, hahaHa!... No, uhm, I mean after all the studying I’m doing, I think I’m allowed to let my hair down, girl!... So, what are you gunna’ wear tomorrow?... Uh-huh, maybe we could match our—Oh, I’m getting another call. I kinda’ gotta’ take it… Talk tomorrow?... C yaaa!”

Call between 503-555-0180 to PRIVATE NUMBER
Connected at 10:54pm
“Hiyaa, I was just thinking about you… Mh-hmm, I just sat next to the window now, go on tell me, baby… Huh? Nuh, don’t worry babe, everything’s fine, just, like, some weird stuff happened with that goth girl, Lilith… Yeah, she was taken in an ambulance… What? No, no, no baby. Don’t worry, they don’t know anything about us… Yeah, it’s fine. I’m going to a party tomorrow with some guys. Will I see you there? Haha… I know, I’m just kidding, babe. Nothing will happen, I’m yours... When can we see each other?... Ok hun’, I’ll wait. G’night, Mwah, Buh Byee…”


Wednesday 11th of October
Calls between 503-555-0180 to 210-435-1468
Missed Call at 8:24pm
Missed Call at 8:25pm
Connected at 8:26pm
“Where are you Tommy? Like, look, I shouldn’t have freaked on you, it’s just weird, ok? I didn’t do anything to her, I swear! Please come pick me up, I’m all ready to go and people will think I’m a creep if I’m not seen there! Please call me back when you get this message, Tommy. I’m sorry…”

Call between 503-555-0180 to 626-555-2001
Connected at 8:31pm
“Hey… Yeah, don’t get your hopes up… They’re not coming. And honestly, it’s not even worth going to some lame party anyway… Sure, we have each-other. I’m just glad we don’t have to get all dressed up and everything… Honestly, I don’t care if Tommy goes without me. Him and the guys were such jerks to me today that I don’t even want to talk about ‘em… They basically all ganged up on me about what happened to Lilith. The liars said I’d put her that way, but they-… Oh, well, it’s not my fault she died. I mean this is basically what they did to me: they blamed me for things I wasn’t even bothered about, let alone involved in… It’s fine, I know you didn’t mean it that way, it’s just those fucking sheeple just follow whatever everyone else does, fuck! I mean they literally wouldn’t exist without me, they’re nothing! Ugh... You’re right, I’m getting worked up about it. How you feeling ‘bout missing Curt’s party?... Mh-hmm… uh huh… uh, Yeah, I’m listening. I was just closing my window now. Like, no point staying up, right? Anyways I’ll see you tomorrow, bye Megan.”

Calls between 503-555-0180 to 210-435-1468
Missed Call at 9:05pm
Missed Call at 9:06pm
Missed Call at 9:07pm

Call between 503-555-0180 to PRIVATE NUMBER
Connected at 9:08pm
“Don’t say anything, I need you. I’ll be at our usual spot.”


Thursday 12th of October
Call between 503-555-0180 to 420-313-6969
Connected at 5:43pm
“… Yeah, yeah, I get what you mean… No, I get it… I was just busy studying late last night so I thought I’d take a pass… Uh-huh, I’m sure it was… Yeah, it totally sounded, uh, poppin’… Yeah, sure there was a tall guy lurking… Mh-hmm, anyways, uh, Curt, I was just calling if you’re sure you hadn’t forgotten seeing Tommy there… So, he didn’t even get there? ... Uh-huh, okay, um well I’m like superr busy right now soo… Oh, what do you wanna’ ask?... Uh, I don’t think so. I wouldn’t be caught seen with you, ever”

Call between 503-555-0180 to 626-555-2001
Connected at 8:26pm
“ Hey girl! I haven’t seen you all day, how you hanging… What?... What was it doing on the road to Curt’s? Why’d they leave the car there?... So, where are… Oh my god, oh my god… Barely identifiable?... oh god… Oh, my god. I feel sick… What rumours? About who, me?... You’re joking, a Pale man? Oh god… Look, it’s probably all a rumour, that man, their car on the road, the remai- yeah, it’s probably a lie. Think about it, why would it happen? Truth is, Tommy and those guys are probably just at home nursing hangovers. It’s just a joke or something, trust me girl… Uh-huh, this has been a weird week, for all of us… Yeah don’t worry, Ill manage. Night Meg, take it easy.”

Call between 503-555-0180 to PRIVATE NUMBER
Connected at 10:28pm
“Hey, sorry for calling late… Yeah, I know, that’s why I waited before I called… So, you heard what’s going round? The rumours?... I might’ve heard earlier if we weren’t… Yeah, so what? None of its actually true… Sorry, I didn’t get that, thought I saw something at the window. Hold on… I’m back. So, what’s happening between us? Can we keep doing this with all these rumours?... Okay, talk tomorrow at lunch. Bye.”

Call between 503-555-0180 to 000-000-0000
Connected at 02:37am
“… Urgh, Hello? Who’s this?... Hello?... Huh, Open up what?... Who is this? Hell— “


Friday 13th of October
Calls between 626-555-2001 to 503-555-0180
Missed Call at 3:49pm
Missed Call at 4:30pm
Missed Call at 4:17pm

Call between 503-555-0180 to 626-555-2001
Connected at 6:31pm
“Hey, sorry I missed your call earli--… Huh? I just came home, what’s up with you?... Calm down, I didn’t see you today because I’ve been studying is all. Look, relax, it’s Friday! Let’s plan something for tomorr--… what do you mean you saw him?... He isn’t real, whoever this Pale guy is. Megan, you must’ve imagined it…what do you mean he told you to open up… At lunch? I told you, I was studying… Wh-what are you talking about?... That’s a fucking lie!... It’s not true! It-it’s not true. It’s not…
So, what!?! So, What If I fucked Mr. Harvey! Who cares if I did it for the grades! Who cares if he has a fuckin’ family he hates! Who the fuck cares huh!?! Who cares about me! Not a single fucking person! Nobody fucking listens! I thought I could open up to that freak Lilith but she calls me a witch! Tommy was only dating me to fuck Amber! And you?
You’re a fucking moron.
I honestly think no one’s ever really listened to a word I’ve said.
I don’t care anymore, fuck off…”


Call between 503-555-0180 to PRIVATE NUMBER
Connected at 6:59pm
“It’s me... Yeah whatever, listen up. Megan knows… Bitch saw you fucking me… No, no, no! I don’t think so: you think they’ll blame me?... Haha, you can’t leave me even if you wanted to! Ill blame you, I’ll tell them exactly how it happened: how I was groomed. How you raped me! Hahaha, you can’t leave me even if you wanted, you can’t leave me! You can’t leave… me…”

Call between 503-555-0180 to 626-555-2001
Missed Call at 7:04pm
Connected at 7:04pm
“… You were right. I’m lost. Please pick up the phone. I opened up. I need someone… Please- Huh? Oh god. You weren’t lying… He’s here! He’s here! Hel— “