My Drug Dealer's Daughter

It was a quiet Saturday night when me and my bros found ourselves out of drugs to consume. The only cure for us, was now to go get some more. The incurable need to send our minds into oblivion drove us to our dealer’s house in less than five minutes. He was a sketchy dude but never late, and always fair on his merch. Only issue was that he used to sell us bags of heavy stuff with his kids still playing around. It was always an awkward moment for us, so we always argued over who would go each time. This time I was the one to go. Once there I sent a classy message explaining our dilemma “Yo, we’re here, can we pick up now?” An instant reply came on the screen confirming our presence was welcomed “Come in”. I asked my mate if he wanted to come in, but he said he’d park the car. So I headed up there alone pockets filled with our collective cash.

I knocked twice gently and look behind me, when I turned back the door was open. Standing in the door frame wasn’t the dealer, but his daughter. I had seen her in the background of his house by times, like a beautiful Greek sculpture abandoned to dust. I smiled at her and she opened the door for me. “You here for the coke?” she asked unsure. “No the weed, please” I mustered slightly shaken up by the fact she was wearing not much more than a sexy red velvety robe. She saw me glance and smiled, feeling dump I attempted to keep my gage upwards towards her eyes. But even then I could see everything. I tried to focus on her eyes for a moment, they were the colours of emeralds, but I was forced to look down once again. She reached in her pocket to pull out a large bag of green herbs, enough for at least thirty jays. By doing so she accidentally opened her robe slightly more, but did not attempt to rearrange it. Now I didn’t want this bag anymore, now that she was handing it to me all I could think about is how much I wanted her to take it back. As once I’d have accepted this bag it would be the end, and I’d have to leave her. She held the bag to my face and still I refused to take it, I wanted to grab her hand and kiss it passionately instead. Caress the softness of her skin and plunge my face in her golden hair. Inhale profoundly the scent of cheap soap and expensive drugs. Finally I took the bag, eyes still unable to stay still, I simply looked ahead. Once the bag placed in my pocket, I reached with a trembling hand for the cash and handed it over. She rapidly took it and placed it in her bra, which itself was almost all visible, and then she leaned on the door. I felt struck by an adrenaline rush, as if her entire body and expression was calling me inside. I felt she was inviting me to join her and her perfect body. But none of us spoke and suddenly, I knew the moment was over. Now I needed to leave, but how can one man simply walk out on the greatest spectacle of his life. She leaned back straight and winked at me, and in an absolute burst of sensuality she whispered “See you later”. The door was closing and I felt like an idiot for not being able to say something. Too late, the door was close and she was returning to her own world and it was time for me to return to mine. Walking away I plunged my hands into my pockets and felt the thick bag of Mary Jane. Suddenly I felt I didn’t need it, I wanted to throw it from a bridge, simply so that I could come back and see her again. Suddenly she wasn’t my drug dealer’s daughter anymore, she was the drug I was looking for. Fuck MDMA, Weed or Coke. She was my LSD. Her golden hair and sexy lingerie was forever engraved in my head. Lacking a name for her, I decided to name her Lucy. Thinking about her green eyes and body for months, I couldn’t’ rest. I thought the next time I’d see her it would be I who seduces her, but no matter how many times I went back she was never there again.