T2 - A Need to Escape Reality

Breathe, take a deep breath and feel the rush of oxygen in your bloodstream. Feel the relaxation of your muscles. Feel your mind slip away from all that keeps you awake at night. Breathe, realise time isn’t moving that fast, that if it only feels this way because we waste most of it. Breathe and see that the world doesn’t need to be escaped, see that it too can be your drug. Remember, we’re all addicts. Strong ones even, always forgetting that our high only takes place in our heads. Forgetting that what we call life is but a series of chemical reactions, all taking place in a highly complex organic computer, nothing more. Constantly drugged by our brains, controlled by molecules so small we have to take it upon faith they are there. Dopamine, serotonin, endorphin, norepinephrine, hundreds of molecules simply there to make you feel good. When we feel things, when we fuck, when we fight. Our human bodies are on an entire encyclopaedia of drugs. If you see things from that perspective, soon you’ll know everyone else pretends not to be addicted, not to be a junky. But the truth is, that we’re all addicted. From Chocolate, Prozac or even Heroin, from legal to illegal, all we do is consume drugs. Even our daily dose of bullshit counts as a drug, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram and YouTube. A constant stream of dopamine for our brains, no wonder it is so hard to put down our phones.

When we look at a world like this, it is easy to see why some choose the needle. Somehow Heroin makes more sense than many things in our world. It’s simpler, liquid nirvana so easily injected in an already chemically unbalanced body.  I do not know why we judge each other so harshly, after all we all understand the pursuit of happiness. All we do in this life is justified by the gratification we received from it afterwards. Yet a lot of people want to pretend they’re different, that they’re nothing like these addicts. But drugs don’t even have to be something injected or ingested, even Religion is yet another drug we take to make us feel better. The only difference is that heroin comes from some random drug dealer’s kitchen and religion from some random book who pretends to have all the answers. But no one ever possess all the answers, this is literally the first reason some take drugs. Because too many questions build up, we’re curious to find an answer to everything and that drives us to try these new experiences. Sometimes in hopes of an answer, sometimes in hope of avoiding the question. All drugs do is remind us of how fragile reality is, of how perception can be so easily changed. Experiencing these things is part of life and the process of growing.

All of our lives amount only to a series of electrical impulses within our own brain. Once we embrace this idea, we can understand why we feel so detached to one another. We each experience reality only within the confines of ourselves. Therefore no matter how hard we try we will never be able to share our realities, at least not as each of our brains perceive them. It is a sad truth that has drove humans to ignore it. We share with each other every thought and idea we possess, in the hopes of reaching an understanding. But an understanding will never be reached completely, and that realisation forces us not to address how different we all are. How we all need to feel something different to be happy. But if we did acknowledge it more often, it would be easier to break down the barrier of our worlds and understand each other. We would finally know why we each act in the way we do, we would finally accept the fact that other people’s version of reality are just as valid as our own. And we would finally stop judging our own kind, and start to comprehend why some people choose Heroin and others Chocolate.