Shame on me for Smoking

To all the self-righteous judgemental cunts out there who want me to quit, I say fuck off. You've been raging war against an enemy you thought so evil, you never stopped to question yourself. You never thought to ask yourself “What is it am I fighting?” Well what you are currently battling is nothing less than human nature, good luck with that. Because I can assure you, silly scare tactics won’t do much to help you on that one. No threat of cancer or children smoking will make me stop.

Some might say it’s because our Human spirit is strong and free, not easily bendable to others will. But I disagree strongly. I think humans are weak, weak and pathetic. Only concerned with what lays ahead of their own interest. Too stupid to see the big picture. Constantly being led like a heard of sheep towards their own demise. Not paying attention to what matters.

While I enjoy a cigarette, people will glance at me as if I personally just gave them and everybody they love cancer. They want me to understand that I am the one killing the children. Laughable, they do not realise that the fast food they hold in their hands is nothing more than glorified heart disease. Unaware that the reasons behind their kids health problem comes from greedy corporation, gently pushing literal shit down their throats while they beg for more. Always turning a blind eye to the monstrosity these corporation inflict upon everyone else.

Fuck children. They are not the problem, their parents are. I am tired of adults acting like children. Blaming everyone but themselves for a shitty world. These people that get in their highly polluting cars and drive by, as if they have nothing to account for. People who constantly act as if nothing they do impacts others negatively. Idiots who rant on social media about the unfairness of the world, insuring they tweet from their newest iPhone. A device built by slave children forces across the world. Assholes that constantly ruin other people’s children across the world want me to have mercy on them. Fuck them. The atrocities we allow to happen daily makes my cigarette seem like the least a kids got to worry about.

So here it is, shame on me for smoking. For giving everyone around me cancer. Because obviously the biggest problem we have now is children smoking. Not their fucking parents killing the world they have to grow up in.