Wonder Woman

I'm not going to beat around the bush; Wonder Woman is beginning to tantalise my yearly need for self-reprisal and self-loathing (watching a fuckin' superhero film). Gal Gaddot is rocking it. Sharp like Diana Rigg in Game of Thrones, titillating like Rashida Jones' involvement in the new season of Black Mirror. 

However, like a thorn in my ass, the mainstream plethora of spandex capers continue to advocate profit over people. Its repetition of the white-saviour narrative in their Italian neo-realistic stories, looms over my view like a lead zeppelin.  Subliminal hyper-normalisation is fucking dangerous, and the worst part is people think it's normal!

I'd like to think Wonder Woman has prospects to disrupt the established system. 
Optimism continues to plague my mind. 
Racial diversity is over-shadowed in the light of the ensuing gender battles monopolising the big screen. Ignorant eyes don't appreciate the benevolence of equality, yet, it'll withstand a thousand hot, searing needles into the retina. 
Still can't cast Jackie Chan as Thor.

Lets not forget, China created fireworks.
Viva la Guy Fawkes!

Al Paccino Wave

Written when the Wonder Woman trailer was released,
and it was the 5th November 2016.